YW Precision Bearing Company USA

Since 1986 YW Bearing has manufactured ball and roller bearings from 3mm to 300mm I.D. including double-row and angular contact bearings. Thanks to the support of our customers and suppliers at home and abroad YW has grown significantly.

YW Bearing is ISO, TS and TUV quality certified. Our automated bearing manufacturing, assembly and testing equipment is state-of-the-art. Our employees pride themselves in their work and have helped build what is one of the most modern small to large size bearing factories in Asia. 

YW Quality is carefully controlled with our up-to-date industry standard factory material quality procedures and control plans. Every product is monitored at every step in production to ensure the very highest quality. Through constant life testing and material checks, YW Bearing ensures that our products always exceed accepted industry standards both here and abroad.

Contact YW Bearing in North America today. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC our sales and engineering staff will be glad to assist you.